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Spring,Summer,Fall and Winter
-A Pokémon Black and White Creepypasta-
It was at the end of summer when my husband finally got the job of his dreams: He became a scientist at the Season Research Lab. Due to that we had to move from the small village we used to live in to Driftveil city, where my parents resided. But since I have had an impaired immune system for all my live and I got ill very easily, we decided to move into a house nearby Route 6, somewhere between the Laboratory and Driftveil City.
"It's the perfect domicile for us.", my husband, Adrian, had said when he'd told me about this place, "The air is very clean and pleasant, so it's good for your health. And as for Finn…", he had said and stroked our young son's head, "Since there is nothing but beautiful nature around us, many room to play, and lots of friendly Pokémon. He'll have a great time." Finn, not really getting what his father was talking about, was just cheering and shouting: "I wanna go there! I wanna play!"
And so
:iconsaoto:Saoto 16 9
ADVENTURE :iconangelaart:angelaART 11,360 2,276 Fail'd Serah 1 :iconnohrprincess:NohrPrincess 1 0 Fail'd Serah 2 :iconnohrprincess:NohrPrincess 4 2 Fail'd Serah 3 :iconnohrprincess:NohrPrincess 4 5 Yoko Suzuki headshot :iconnohrprincess:NohrPrincess 2 5 What do you see? :icongradnient:Gradnient 64 14 How to Draw Hands :iconobi-quiet:Obi-quiet 1,032 240
Train Them Yourself
Train Them Yourself!
"Heeey, White! Come here!"
The running trainer screeched to a stop as she looked up to see the day care man waiting for her. Wondering what he possibly could want, she hurried up the stairs.
"Ah, it's you!" exclaimed the man.
"Of course it's me old man," White replied impatiently. "What do you want?"
"We were raising your Pokemon, and my goodness, were we surprised! Your Pokemon was holding an Egg!" the old man told her. "We don't know how it got there, but your Pokemon had it. You do want it, don't you?"
White vaguely remembered that she had left her Absol and her Ditto at the Day Care for training.
"Sure give me the Egg."
"You have no room for it right now…" answered the Old Man. "Come back when you've made room."
White ground her teeth in frustration. She was hot on the trail of a Thundurus and she barely had time to waste talking to this old man let alone time to rearrange her party for some stupid Absol Egg.
"You know what old man," she said. "You
:iconenviquesse:Enviquesse 61 63
I remember it well.
I was 17 when I decided to try a Nuzlocke challenge on my pearl.
I restarted my game, deleting the info I had and started Anew.
I knew the rules.
If your Pokémon  fainted it was "dead" and you could either release it or keep it in a pc box titled something along the lines of "R.I.P" or "Dead"
You must "kill" all legendaries
You could only capture the first Pokémon on each route.
I decided to try my hand at it, I picked Turtwig as my starter. I knew it would be extra difficult, but I'd had Piplup before and I wasn't very fond of the fire starter, to be honest I can't even remember which one it is.
I played for about 5 minutes before I lost a battle- miserably. I huffed, frustrated.
I didn't want to restart for 5 minutes worth of work, so instead I decide to pretend it had never happened.
After a while though I realized that wasn't the Nuzlocke spirit, so I restarted again.
This time I took out my Action replay and a few other old hacking devices.
:iconarceus-sama:Arceus-sama 26 23
Lost Silver: DYING :iconcheeziespaz:CheezieSpaz 437 111 Aquarium: Queen Angelfish :iconnight-ofthe-huntress:Night-OfThe-Huntress 18 2
I yawn as the morning sun wakes me, and open my eyes gently.
I see my mother and Father getting up as well.
My mother is a Vaporeon with Pikachu ears, tail, and paws - she's kind to me.
My father is... different. His Left side is an Umbreon with blue rings, and his right side is an Espeon. He has a crimson Espeon jewel, and deep crimson eyes.- He's more cruel.
He's soft on me though, because I'm his only son.
My name Is Yang. I'm essentially an Umbreon with an Espeons tail, and my mothers Vaporeon fins on each side of my face right below my ears. My rings are blue,  and my eyes crimson. I have dark blue-grey feet like a Glaceon. I have a birth mark on my side, a black Teardrop with a white patch in the middle.
My mother even gave me wings by tearing apart a purple Murkrow.
I evolved fairly recently, I wanted to be a Glaceon but I guess my parents Genetics are too mutated not to end with another mutant, and so I ended up like this.
I sigh again. I'm getting older, but I'm stil
:iconarceus-sama:Arceus-sama 36 88

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Ayyy I'm a dork from little ol' Rhode Island |'D
I'm a super shy weeb but I'm also super friendly so feel free to message me for anything! I'm always happy to meet new friends

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Just kidding!  Hi followers who:
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Good to see all four of you |D

Uhhh, I kinda just made this journal to say hi!  I need to prove I'm still alive sometimes, y'know.  I haven't really been making submissions because I am an anxious wreck don't have MMD installed anymore.  And I'd love to submit my writing, but in all seriousness, I do have a certain fear of my writing being plagiarized, or it not being up to a standard I'm content with.  So, should I submit my poems/stories?

Oh, and if you're an active watcher, please comment or fave this!  I'd like to count off how many people actually read my stuff

Have a lovely day, everyone! :heart:
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